May. 29th, 2017

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On returning to driving in the UK I have noticed an unofficial pattern of behavior that is new to me. A persistent issue for drivers of large trucks is that overtaking car drivers pull back in too close to them so they do not have much clear road to stop in if necessary. So, when I have passed some distance ahead, the truck flashes its lights, then I move back into their lane, then with both my turn signals I give a quick thank-you flash, learned from observing others. It is a simple but pleasing exchange.
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The weather today is not quite inviting enough to have me out on the deck barbecuing burgers. Still, in minor celebration of Memorial Day starting summer, we baked the burgers in the oven instead. They turned out well.

Part of what worked for me was trying salad cream as a condiment on the accompanying bun. It has been popular in the UK for many decades, a bit like mayonnaise but with a sharper taste. I am unconvinced by Miracle Whip but I hear that proper salad cream has been becoming available in the US in recent years.

[personal profile] mst3kmoxie is minded to now try using the oven to also make s'mores. We do not have graham crackers but we do have chocolate digestives and marshmallow.

So, different countries, similar foods.


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