Mar. 2nd, 2017

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My previous change to wireless access point settings turned out not to cure my laptop wifi connectivity breaks after all. The error message stopped but it would still occasionally lose the connection. Previously the cure was to power-cycle the access point but since its configuration change I have been able to recover the connection simply by restarting dhcpcd which maybe also somehow restarts wpa_supplicant. My laptop runs Void Linux which does not naturally come with iwconfig; instead I have been in the less-intuitive world of iw: I issued a set power_save off to see if that helped and indeed so far it has. I do not see a way to set it per-network in wpa_supplicant.conf though.
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This evening [personal profile] mst3kmoxie kindly made us pleasing local food: haggis and black pudding from a Perthshire butcher and some more black pudding from Speyside which is a bit further north, with whisky sauce and swede. Admittedly the whisky for the sauce was some Canadian Club that I think I had picked up in the duty free once when crossing the border at the Peace Bridge but I save the good local whisky for actual drinking.


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