Jun. 4th, 2017

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This morning I was thinking about the various shows I watch on BBC television. They probably still are not much offered on BBC America, except for Doctor Who (2005) which, while I don't find it as good as it has been, this season has also not had episodes anywhere near as bad as the most dreadful from recent seasons. Though, my cautious hope is considerably tempered: I number among the dreadful episodes the fairly well-received The Power of Three which for me was tedious nonsense and its writer Chris Chibnall is to take over as showrunner next year.

I like some of the comedy panel quiz shows: we watch Have I Got News for You (1990) and QI (2003) if convenient and personally I usually enjoy Would I Lie to You? (2007). There seems to be a ongoing flow of comedians from one show to another, just as one sees among actors appearing in episodes of science fiction shows filmed around Vancouver.

Some BBC shows I watch to obtain information. For example, as I recently mentioned, to learn of musical acts I watch the reliably variable Later… With Jools Holland (1992); to learn of other BBC television shows I watch Points of View (1961) and for movies I watch the BBC News channel's The Film Review.

Another BBC News show that I like is Dateline London on Saturdays: there is intelligent political discussion without the usual panel of idiots and politicians whom it is exasperating to hear. Back in the US we had PBS NewsHour (1975) every day and most weeks I would watch Fareed Zakaria GPS (2008) which doesn't usually irritate me though I sometimes disagree with him. So, at least the BBC offers me a politics show that I find more informative than annoying and with luck there will still be a PBS when I eventually return to the US.


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