Apr. 20th, 2017

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Bodmin Moor is somewhat familiar to me. Though, it is to the northeast of the long-established town of Bodmin, on the way to Launceston, and I am more familiar with the town's southwest, including Goss Moor. In crossing Bodmin Moor tourists may notice Jamaica Inn, where Daphne du Maurier set her novel, though in recent weeks they are more likely to have noticed the construction as the A30 is widened to a divided highway. Anyhow, the moor has the Goen Brenn Winery, the name being a rendering of the Cornish for Bodmin Moor, and I have a now-mostly-empty bottle of their mead in a kitchen cabinet.

It is oddly difficult to find mead in stores here. I am curious about its lack of popularity. It is but a simply made drink of ancient heritage; it is hardly exotic or offensive. Perhaps I ought to look into making it myself as I hardly want to order whole cases of it online. In counting it for my diet I take it as a generic dessert wine: nutritional labeling of alcoholic drinks is quite poor in the UK.

As an aside, I note that Bodmin had a couple of communities of monks in medieval times; one sometimes associates mead with monasteries. I am not aware of any significant present-day ecclesiastical community there though; when I think of town institutions I am more likely to remember the old mental hospital there, or the historic jail that I think they are partially turning into a hotel.

I have been trying to include a little more milk and honey in my diet. The Torah strongly suggests that they are rather desirable foods. If people who are living in a good situation get plenty of them then maybe I should try to have some too. Admittedly, I am not eating syrup made from dates, but I figure that regular honey sufficiently substitutes.


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