Mar. 26th, 2017

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Here in the European Union the clocks went forward an hour last night; now we are back at our usual difference from much of the United States. At work our team is rather distributed and we have many online meetings so in advance e-mails we remind participants of the applicable state of affairs. For my own part, for very many years now my .xinitrc has started up an xclock for each of TZ=EST5EDT and TZ=GB. After Brexit I hope that the UK at least continues to match Western European (Summer) Time.

This morning I awoke, saw the clock, and was pleased that I had managed to sleep for a long time, before [personal profile] mst3kmoxie reminded me that the clocks had changed. I like to own clocks that listen for the radio signal so I never have the fuss of manual adjustments. Though, even better would be clocks on wifi given that I have my home router's dhcpd.conf include option ntp-servers … for its responses though I suppose that carries no zone information.


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