Mar. 18th, 2017

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I had mentioned how Firefox 51 pops up file chooser dialogs that more than fill my entire screen. This makes it difficult to use some websites. For example, with advertising items on the popular sales website Preloved, I cannot use Firefox for uploading photographs. However, their pull-down-menu multi-select options do not work with Chromium. Using a combination of the two browsers, neither of which is obscure, I can actually post an advertisement. I strongly suspect that were they using simpler HTML, CSS, JavaScript, less ambitiously featureful and themed, then everything would work just fine even on Internet Explorer 6. However, over here in the real world, many interactive websites seem to be essentially unusable in some popular browsers. It is not as if I have a panoply of unusual plugins and add-ons installed.

I perhaps also mentioned how the website of Ecotricity, our energy supplier, wrongly forces Firefox into the mobile version once I log in as a customer, making some aspects of it very difficult to use, for instance by offering no means of scrolling vertically. I had interacted with them about this, provided user agent strings, etc., but to no avail. In contrast, I must offer kudos to Cinema Paradiso, from whom we rent DVDs by mail, who adjusted part of their site to become more mobile-friendly and far less usable for me. They took on board a number of my criticisms, promptly addressed one of the greater ones and another, and are apparently soon to address a further point. While I would prefer to live in a world in which this responsiveness to constructive criticism would not have come as a surprise, it is nonetheless pleasantly agreeable. Excellently, I have also discovered that, at least for the meantime, with a slight manual adjustment to a URL I can get back to the old less-mobile-friendly version of the page.


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