Jun. 7th, 2017

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It has been interesting to observe democracy in action in recent times. After the local elections the Conservatives were the largest party in Cornwall with well over a third of the council seats but they appear not to be working with any other large party so the result is a council whose leadership is split evenly among the independents and the Liberal Democrats: a coalition of the second and third largest groups get to run things. The council's new deputy leader used to be in my class at school. The nationalists Mebyon Kernow got a few seats too, only one less than Labour who are also minor in the county.

I am still getting used to being back in Europe with its multi-party politics and I don't recall previously noting independents usefully forming a group in their own right.
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For Pentecost the BBC covered the Archbishop of Canterbury at a trendy service at what they say is Holy Trinity Church, Folkestone. On television it looks lovely inside so as usual I thought I would go to Wikipedia to learn about it. While the church does seem to have a brief website at http://www.trinitybenefice.co.uk/holy-trinity/ I unusually can't find much trace of it on Wikipedia so for now I do not have much more to read about the church beyond the architectural background available through Historic England's website.

I have never visited that area of England though some of our possessions have as I think it was at Folkestone they first arrived from the US.

In the televised service the church's version of the creed wasn't quite what I am used to but it may have been a long time since I visited an Anglican church, except for stopping in to our local Scottish Episcopal Church for conveniently timed Christmas carols.


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