Jun. 5th, 2017

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One of our children had a vaccination today and came home with a double-sided A4 sheet of information about it from the NHS. I asked for it so that I could learn about the vaccine: is it live? is it carried in albumin? etc. But, for such a large sheet, there was no basic information like that. They did mention what side effects to look out for so I could try to infer a little from those.
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A brief moment of dream can come with a lot of background about the situation. However, that fades quickly upon waking. Lately I did bother noting the little I still remembered later in the day. Recent recollections include:

  1. Scout groups exchange information, like where is a good place locally for a leader to take their scout troop, by means of a kind of circular wiggly dance. The information costs, though. One of the little girl scouts in the wiggly dance loudly repeated the good-place information and the price of £1,350 much to the annoyance of the scout leader who was providing it and receiving payment. The information trade is not an aspect of scouting that they like to advertise.

  2. I was in some kind of underground mall and there was considerable chaos with people running about in panic and whatnot. We had a girl who needed medical treatment but the hospital off the mall was itself in some chaos. An adult male who was helping to bring her in had some medical knowledge and went to find hospital supplies himself.

  3. There was a group of people in a family-owned pharmacy. A young lady was to be blinded. There was some hesitation but in one of the aisles an adult male blinded her ). I reflected that neither she nor her family would much appreciate such treatment. There was also some doubt that the present need truly outweighed the long-term effects of the maiming of the innocent.

  4. There was an academic in position at one institution and there was a need to get them to take a position offered at a different institution. They and their family normally seemed human but were in fact some kind of insectoid. Knowing exactly what kind of creature they were could help inform how to incentivize them to make the move.


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