May. 27th, 2017

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Since dropping the children off in Dundee this morning I have been doing various chores around the house and yards, including killing the most obvious weeds and attempting to fix some loose bathroom tiles, hence the white grout now caked onto my fingernails. I had mentioned missing the wire mesh window screens since moving from the US. [personal profile] mst3kmoxie has some kind of mesh for fixing over our patio door so I wiped the latest mold from around the glass and frame ready for her to use the included adhesive pads.

This weekend is unusually pleasant in that there are no exceptional impediments to my getting on with useful things. While such impediments may individually be exceptional, the fact that there is an exceptional impediment of some kind is itself hardly exceptional. Another one is coming: in my mowing the yards, the mower's drive belt snapped. I have ordered a replacement but I shall have to put some time aside for installing it: yet another exceptional event occupying what little useful personal time I do get.


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