May. 21st, 2017

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One reason why I enjoyed living in Columbus, OH, is that I had learned my way around it well (except for the south side) and indeed had frequent reason to go to one place or another, so there was routing and unexpected rerouting to be done. Variety was often afforded by the grid-based layout making alternative routes often not much worse than others. Around here, in between Perth and Dundee, for much of my travel the A90 is the obvious choice: I rarely have route planning to do and spend much of my time on the same roads.

Tonight a pleasant surprise came in the form of having to drive to Perth but finding a large resurfacing crew on the A90 westbound. I was able to detour north up into the Sidlaws along winding narrow roads over Kinnoull Hill and back down to approach Smeaton's Bridge. I rather enjoyed having the excuse to do something different and my guesswork turning out well.

Update: Driving into Perth on the following morning I did indeed experience a resurfaced section on the A90.


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