May. 5th, 2017

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Having previously enumerated our local council ward candidates and what I easily perceived of them it seems appropriate to report on the outcome. Overall the Conservatives appear to have profited handsomely at the expense of Labour and UKIP. In our ward Angus Forbes, Scottish Conservative and Unionist, was the clear winner. Rounds of vote transferring ensued and eventually Alasdair Bailey, Scottish Labour Party, got a seat, the only Labour councillor in our new council administration. The final seat went to Beth Pover, Scottish National Party; I think her husband Douglas has been a councillor in the term now ending.

When I voted yesterday at around 07h30 I was the only voter I saw. On the sidewalk outside there was a Conservative placard reminding us about the independence referendum as if that were anything to do with the local council. Ranking candidates is complex: I end up thinking ahead and taking in a little note of what I decided; it reminded me of voting for judges in Ohio. Until my poll card for the general election arrives my pending matters file folder is now unusually and agreeably empty.

It occurred to me that the vote transfer algorithm could also be applied to decide who gets to keep their deposit having stood for election. Though, there is no deposit associated with our local council elections and I do not recall that we rank candidates for the Scottish Parliament which is already complex enough with having a mixed-member electoral system.

One thing from the US that I miss is the I voted sticker one may proudly wear having voted. I liked how mine reminded others to either vote or at least to maybe get around to being able to someday.


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