May. 2nd, 2017

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On Thursday we have local council elections. This morning I dreamt that I had turned up at my polling place to vote but there was some problem that meant that we could not yet vote at the station: there was a backlog of people waiting. (The polling place did not resemble my real-life current one.) Fortunately (and implausibly), in compensation they were very competently providing us free catering while we waited: plenty of food from Marks & Spencer, a store that is a couple of grades up from what I can typically afford. Unfortunately for me on my diet, without nutritional information and sets of scales and whatnot, I was unable to avail myself of this otherwise-pleasant surprise.
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In our ward three local councillors are to be elected on Thursday. The options to be ranked are:
Alasdair Bailey, Scottish Labour Party

We received a leaflet. Seems keen on broadband, village doctors, bicycling and buses. Less keen on hard Brexit and Donald Trump but not clear what the local council can do about either. Also not keen on housing.

Hilary Charles, Scottish Green Party

Didn't turn up to hustings in Errol. Seems to (re)tweet a bit.

Angus Forbes, Scottish Conservative and Unionist

We received a leaflet and a knock at the door. His listed address is the control tower at Perth Airport! Seems to know about local things and have time for council matters. Rather against an independence referendum but what that has to do with the local council I don't know. Happy to photograph gay weddings.

Mary Stronach Matheson, Scottish Liberal Democrats

Didn't turn up to hustings in Errol. Hard to find out anything.

Beth Pover and Douglas Brian Pover (a married couple), Scottish National Party

We received a leaflet and a knock at the door. The SNP currently control the council and point out their investment in schools, affordable housing, etc.. They are also keen to point out that they want to provide local services and the Conservatives want to cut them. I couldn't help but snigger when reading their complaint about a Conservative calling Nicola Sturgeon a poison dwarf.


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