May. 1st, 2017

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I was recently listening to French radio again, FIP, and I heard a song that I didn't know that I thought rather good. It turns out to be Arcade Fire's Neighborhood #1 (Tunnels) so hardly obscure, I had just managed to consistently fail to notice it before.

Further back in the 1980s was Jennifer Rush's The Power of Love which did far better in the UK than in the US. It may be simple and cheesy but, eh, I like it anyway. It is only today that I stumbled across a North American cover: apparently Celine Dion did well out of the song a decade later. I can't say that I immediately warm to her version.

I do seem to be quite good at catching up with music rather belatedly. I fill some contemporary holes by watching shows like Jools Holland's Later…; among its typical mix the latest episode was among the better. I think they said that the next includes Future Islands again who are always fun to watch. Lately the show has had the occasional French artist where they seem to take the visuals quite seriously (possibly they have been the same person and I didn't realize).


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