Apr. 30th, 2017

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Since entering the healthy weight range of the NHS' chart I increased my calorie allowance in transitioning from weight loss to maintenance. NIH's website has a Body Weight Planner which I believe to have a non-trivial somewhat-justified model behind it; I experiment with its online calculator a little to monitor its predictions. The portal to it that they offer answers, let us figure how much you should eat to lose enough weight quickly enough, and I would rather like them to instead present the underlying model more clearly so that I may code it myself then ask different kinds of question of it. As it is their website will let me adjust numbers and try again so I can iterate toward the answers that I actually want, to questions like, at least how much should I eat to avoid becoming underweight over coming years?.

When I was more aggressively trying to lose weight my limit was 12½MCal/week. With my weekday fasting and not having the disposable income to eat out, I am now settled into a pattern in which my current 16Mcal/week limit is easy to sustain: indeed, this week I will end up eating well under 15Mcal. The difficulty isn't hunger so much as the simple hassle of monitoring intake at all. Some experimentation with NIH's model suggests that, even if I reduce my exercise, my current maintenance diet should keep me within the NHS' idea of a healthy weight, enough below the upper boundary that the occasional less-regimented vacation and suchlike ought not present any difficulty.
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The experience of selling items online can be a little disappointing. For instance, I explain why I am offering an indivisible lot and somebody responds wanting only part of it. Or, I say that the price is firm and somebody makes me an offer. I am probably wholly unsuited to buying in, say, a Turkish market: I really don't have the patience for haggling. I do not know if buyers are not reading carefully or if they suspect me of strategically lying. It is certainly so that in the past when I have clearly told another party that they should do me a favor or I will do something that will cost them more than the favor, they have tended not to do me the favor and I have thus acted as promised*, so I suppose that is additional evidence that people do not always take me at my word. It would be nice if there were some unambiguous way I could convey my honest lack of game-playing. Buyers who persist in useless queries tend to have to wait increasingly long for subsequent responses. At least so far when I have replied restating what I originally said, some have paused then assented, so the process may be inefficient but is ultimately productive.

*No, I am not in the business of exaction!
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I have mentioned being rather partial to hot buttered toast; I sometimes more specifically desire a couple of fried eggs or somesuch on toast. On my walk through Dundee yesterday I noted that a butcher near work sells duck eggs and it occurs to me that just one of those would agreeably suffice on a slice of toast. Recently I grilled myself some sliced Cheddar cheese atop sliced tomato on toast, which worked well. Lately I have craved chips (in the British sense) with sliced melted Cheddar (again, in the British sense) atop them, perhaps with some beef gravy in which to dip them. Also, appropriately for life in Scotland, I have desired oat porridge: tonight I made myself some, for the first time in perhaps years. It turned out well considering that I guessed rather about proportions and cooking time. We have some light syrup to hand so I added a hearty drop of that as a pleasant flavoring.


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