Apr. 19th, 2017

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The EU made it clear even before the referendum that the UK's exit is to be rather separate indeed as anything else will be offered only at high cost. Their rhetoric has consistently made it clear that they have no intention of agreeing to anything that looks remotely like the UK both having its cake and eating it: they have their own constituents and need to make an example of those who not only resist integration but even reverse it.

Yet the news is still full of people who, if they must accept the UK leaving the EU at all, hope to make that a soft Brexit wherein the country continues to enjoy good access to the single market and suchlike. Am I wrong or are these people stubbornly deluded? They had better hope that being outside the customs union does enable some good non-EU trade deals in the medium term because I expect the EU to be in no hurry to make an independent UK's life easy.
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Years ago much discussion took place on newsgroups and mailing lists. Once set up with one's chosen client (mine being Gnus) one could freely discuss many topics both on-list and off. It was easy, convenient and useful. Then, idiots and abusers and shiny-new came along.

These days discussion appears spread over myriad semi-usable web fora. I noticed that this causes me to leech useful information from threads without seeding any myself. For example, through searching the web I find somebody struggling with a problem that I am also seeing then, later on when I solve it, I look at if I can somehow provide them the answer, but find that I cannot determine an e-mail address for them and to reply via the forum then I would have to sign up for it myself, figure out how to stop it sending me e-mail, etc.

It thus feels like more than double the effort for a useful interaction that is of little profit to me so I just don't bother. It is sometimes with a touch of wistful sadness that I remember how easy it once was to casually participate. At least with some systems, like bug trackers for major projects, I have a fair idea that I may already have an account, though associated with which e-mail address from which workplace is another matter. The increase in bugs being auto-closed makes me bother less there too though: after all, it takes some effort to file a good bug report.


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