Apr. 16th, 2017

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MST3K is already a family Thanksgiving tradition given that the Turkey Day marathon still survives through online streaming. It also appears to have become a momentary Easter tradition since the latest season, the show's crowdfunded revival, recently landed on Netflix. I am glad to see that it remains entertaining.
mtbc: maze K (white-green)
Continuing the topic of watching science fiction on television, this afternoon I got around to seeing the new Doctor Who. I came in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised: there was more science fiction content than silliness or tedious distraction. Judging by some episodes from recent seasons, it could have been so much worse. Not only was there a reasonable plot, not overdramatic, but we also got a brief glimpse of some Zbiryynaf.

(An aside: yes, it's Easter, I did also watch the service from Hereford Cathedral!)


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