Apr. 11th, 2017

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Tonight I sampled some Shropshire Blue; it was agreeable enough. I appreciate the variety. I have already mentioned enjoying cheese and I still feel that some element of flavor must be key.

On the topic of appealing flavors, I have been having suspicions about sage. I am rather partial to sage and onion stuffing. Individually, onion and soft breadcrumbs are hardly special, so I am entertaining the hypothesis that I am partial specifically to the sage, that the onion and the bread are somewhat incidental. I thus plan to try making some generously saged chicken or somesuch to determine how tasty I find it.

Having mentioned Jonathan Meades in my previous entry, I probably ought to add that he has authored a cookbook that is written in his typical confident, direct manner: The Plagiarist in the Kitchen, so named because he is firmly of the opinion that good recipes are far more likely to arise from tweaking others' known-good ones than by de novo invention. Again, I suspect him of being mostly correct.


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