Apr. 8th, 2017

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It is strange for me to travel in the parts of England around Cheshire and Lancashire for I spent the first years of my life there before my parents moved us south. I know many place names that we traveled to or that came up in conversation so they feel very familiar to me but I was so young that I did not know quite where they were nor do I retain much memory of why we might have visited or mentioned them. Consequently I find myself in the paradoxical position of feeling very much at home in a region that I really do not know at all.

Oppositely, last Tuesday I was driving further south on the M5 and I noted a familiar hill, clearly visible from the motorway, whose name I did not know but it is prominent enough that it probably has one. It turns out to be Brent Knoll whose surroundings were long ago eroded by the Bristol Channel. On Sunday I had been observing the Bristol Channel from the Glamorgan Heritage Coast which features some striking sedimentary rocks.
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Continuing my topic of vaguely familiar places, driving near Glasgow today I saw a sign to Larkhall and have now figured out what it reminds me of: Larkhill from the background to V for Vendetta, a site far from Glasgow, in the English county of Wiltshire. So, not Larkhall at all, I had confused the names.


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