Mar. 24th, 2017

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It's about time for me to be bothered about my productivity again. Though, it does help that my server-side code at work seems to be behaving rather better now I adjusted part of it to interact with Spring more and Hibernate/JDBC less. I don't much understand why and it took inconveniently long for me to hit on a recipe that behaved. Though, testing was tricky as the problem initially looked like a race condition or resource depletion which took a while to happen, compounded by that it turns out that some of our client-side tests positively hemorrhage file descriptors.

At home I have been managing an unimpressive but not-worst level of activity: my clothes have been staying hung up, I've occasionally washed my bedsheets, I'm mostly on top of my filing, I've been keeping frequent backups of our computers. I even briefly considered wiping down some window frames. I have been able to tread water quite well but in incoming e-mail at work I recently read What is current long-term career goal? (sic.) and had to laugh inwardly. Within my current position I think there is scope for someday working on OMERO.iviewer which would allow me to brush off my rusty JavaScript while avoiding Django. But, overall, I am in an impermanent post away from any large cities: it feels just a little too fragile.

Unusually I have been sufficiently on top of things to actually have had some free time lately. I am not much drawn into television: since SS-GB (2017) finished perhaps The Americans (2013) is the only current drama I watch. But, I have felt tired or unmotivated; I've largely let that free time slip through my fingers. Often I've wanted to spend the time with my family but they do understand that if I go away to my desk upstairs to get things done then it is not because I want to be apart from them. Maybe I will get around to actually doing that.


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