Mar. 16th, 2017

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Although I generally try to limit my carbs, I do seem to favor buttered toast. Tonight I had a couple of fried eggs on a piece of toast. I don't get many specific cravings but eggs are an occasional one. Milk, too: not usually, but just sometimes.
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This week I watched an interview with a German lady who recalled life in the Third Reich. Kristallnacht was a discomfiting surprise to her but by that time the general mood was so rabidly Nazi that opposition didn't feel feasible. I wondered how right she was about that, if protest may be rather more effective if made far earlier. I was thus pleased to see how much of the Dutch electorate voted for candidates other than Geert Wilders: perhaps that is indeed some significant protest sufficiently early.

I recently suggested that in society at large one should expect to occasionally hear unpleasant and bothersome things. Maybe that view must entail some of the constructive engagement that I had mentioned, lest odious views gain currency through going unchallenged.


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