Mar. 4th, 2017

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My workout on Thursday went fine but yesterday (Friday) evening my right shoulder became painfully afflicted quite suddenly while I was … eating a salad. I am left-handed which is fortunate because my usual approach of hoping that a night's sleep makes an issue go away appears not to have been a very effective cure.

I know little of human anatomy but in medical art online I do see muscles attaching to the skeleton at the painful sites on the front and back of my torso at a height just below my armpit though perhaps the pain is more likely to be mid-muscle and there are some large ones in those regions. Typing with my laptop computer on my lap isn't too bad but I mostly plan a day of television-watching and one-armed-ness. With luck I shall be fine to work out tomorrow and drive into work on Monday, we will see.

I would be using a sling. I had accumulated a cache of medical supplies like a cervical collar for my occasional neck issues and an aluminum-framed boot that strapped to my lower leg and allowed me to walk while resting my foot. But, those are one of my collections of precious things that got left behind in one of the moves that happened in between leaving Ohio and arriving in Scotland. Paying for my medical care in the US instead of, as here, having the government provide it meant that once I was finished with something I got to keep it.
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Given the lack of current television shows that much attract me I have been resorting to some of the Star Trek spin-off series. I assume that Discovery (2017) will eventually make it to our screens but in the meantime there is enough of the older series available on Netflix that I have been trying to select some of the better episodes. I enjoy recognizing the actors who crop up repeatedly: for example, earlier this week I watched Enterprise (2001)'s The Andorian Incident: the chief Andorian guy is played by Jeffrey Combs who, appearing in other colors, is also Weyoun in Deep Space Nine (1993) and a recurring character in The 4400 (2004): human in that last case, Andorian of course, and Vorta in the other. Like many others who do the rounds of American/Canadian science-fiction shows, in occasional episodes he has additionally appeared in the form of further species. Sometimes it is their voice that gives them away.

Some of the more established actors also end up behind the camera: taking again the example of The Andorian Incident it was directed by Roxann Dawson from Voyager (1995). Thinking of those who moved into directing I can't help but be reminded of Jonathan Frakes whom I found reliably entertaining as host of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction (1997) in that he was clearly finding the whole thing as silly and cheesy as we were despite his script whose words tried to make it serious and exciting and Don LaFontaine's voice lending extra gravitas.

Update: Now on Voyager's Child's Play I see Mark Sheppard. He certainly gets around too, both on science fiction and other shows.


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