Feb. 5th, 2017

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Visiting Cornwall meant taking over a week off exercising. The week before I left, I did a couple of workouts that the machine counted as 940 calories. The day after my return, I now manage a 900-calorie workout. I guess I have some ground to reclaim.
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Having refused a police caution, Craig Giffard was recently given a 14-week jail sentence suspended for 2 years for angrily getting out of his delivery truck to punch an old man in the face through his car window. In other news, Daniel Challis and Cheryl Stevens were given 18-week jail sentences suspended for 1½ years for Daniel's swallowing a live goldfish.

It thus seems that swallowing a single small fish is about as severe as hitting a seated elderly person. I wonder if that goldfish suffered comparably to those routinely caught in fishing. Is the British fishing industry equivalent to punching all the British elderly in the face many times each year? If so, is it worth it? Or is criminal sentencing strangely random?
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Now I am back at home at the start of a new calendar month I did a few chores on the computer. They included,

  • run backups, shuffle the removable volumes

  • upgrade OpenBSD machines, involves building from source; there were some LibreSSL and other changes lately

  • catch up with book-keeping and set up the new month

  • check credit card balances and make payments accordingly

  • submit the electricity and gas meter readings

  • generate and install replacements for expired server certificates.


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