Feb. 4th, 2017

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My drive home, back up from the southwest to the northeast, went easily, with less rain and still no bad traffic. Unintentionally I awoke early both today and last week so left before dawn: driving down to Cornwall I was on the M5 by noon and today by noon I had reached Lancaster, not even driving among the faster cars.

During today's drive BBC local radio included the earnest statement that beavers excite strong opinions in people and BBC national radio played me the latest from Rag'n'Bone Man, Blondie and Future Islands, all of which seemed much as one would expect from them, though Future Islands really have to be watched. There was an amusing moment with commercial radio in which Frank Skinner told us an anecdote about a man vomiting much confectionery only for the show to abruptly cut to a commercial in which a lady wondered if we fancy a treat. My favorite CD from the drive back up was probably Joe Satriani's instrumental rock album Surfing with the Alien: I had forgotten how very good he is at playing electric guitar expressively.


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