Jan. 26th, 2017

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One thing I do like about Britain is BBC local radio. It is rarely exciting but is often decidedly entertaining. I plan to drive through many counties on Saturday and will hear correspondingly many different stations as I go.

Admittedly, living in Cambridge was a bit rubbish: I recall BBC Radio Cambridgeshire giving us live coverage of the search for somebody's lost jacket at a village event. BBC Radio Scotland isn't too bad over most weekday mornings: this morning we played some Bob Marley and Fleetwood Mac to a dog and they told us how it reacted to them. BBC Radio Cornwall's the best I have found for weekday early afternoons: today we had a fellow who had found a dog's leg in his yard and we all wondered about the rest of the dog. I particularly enjoy the surreality of the call-in shows with all manner of listeners and their curious notions and concerns.

When I want music instead then the nationwide station BBC Radio 6 Music is often a good choice but alas that is not available over the airwaves as I drive and I have yet to quite work out the best days and times to listen.


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