Jan. 22nd, 2017

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With our having decided to have a pet cat at all I feel it to be our responsibility to provide well for him. Pippin accounts for a tiny fraction of our household budgeting so I figure that the least we can do is ensure that his food is of a good quality. With some cats I have looked out for cheap cuts of fish or meat in the grocery store that I could cook and serve them but Pippin isn't so great with that kind of thing, although he does like shrimp and scallops. For day-to-day food he particularly seems to consistently like dry crunchy pellets.

We cannot afford Orijen cat food so I had been buying Pippin the James Wellbeloved food lately, typically being able to get a 4kg bag of dry crunchies for under £15. It is an English brand. I try to vary the flavors a bit: for example, our current bags are fish with rice and turkey with vegetable. In trying to restock I find that the price is now up to more like £20 for a bag. With a bit of work I can probably manage to find a vendor selling at a couple of pounds less but perhaps I should also take a moment to review other brands. It is this kind of administrivia that sucks my free time away.

Update: I have ordered some more James Wellbeloved dry cat food with a bit of Applaws food to make up the free shipping total and increase the variety. The order costs under £5/kg but perhaps next time I can find food for under £4/kg again without having to buy very large bags.


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