Jan. 10th, 2017

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The classic dreams like of one's teeth falling out or accidentally going to work nude or dreaming in monochrome or whatever are not ones that I remember having; perhaps dreams are not amenable to suggestion. I do not even get the apparently usual stress dreams; many of my dreams of situations that in reality might be more nightmarish, such as when my survival is in imminent peril, rarely feel more than tense, not unpleasant.

It thus makes a nice change that this morning I did nearly experience a flying dream: by some mental effort I could locomote quite rapidly, upright but tilting forward, with the top of my feet still dragging behind on the ground. It did occur to me that proper flying would be preferable, and it felt plausibly possible, but I did not manage it on that occasion. I was traversing a winding road with plenty of trees as one might find in the foothills of the Appalachians though it was in more of a town than a rural area. My thinking was to make my commute more efficient and my semi-flying did seem faster and easier than the more usual methods of pedestrian travel.


mtbc: photograph of me (Default)
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