Jan. 2nd, 2017

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I have quite enjoyed paying attention to the various short speeches given lately. Among others, we had Her Majesty The Queen telling us about how many small good acts add up to a lot, HRH The Prince of Wales advocating religious tolerance, and the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking on the importance of welcoming refugees and helping them to integrate. I find myself looking forward to future years' messages to see which themes recur and which new ones emerge. Perhaps naively, I also find myself feeling that the speakers really do care and want to encourage good, that they are not just hypocritically preaching at us commoners thinking us so ignorant as to otherwise not know good from bad.
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Her Majesty's Government is backing a plan to create many new villages and a few towns in England: the idea being that they have their own amenities rather just being composed of more houses on the edge of existing towns. I think this is a good thing: due to tight regulations limiting new building, houses are in short supply and are thus very expensive in the UK. The roads are busy so property developments that create new communities rather than only commuters into established towns are probably best.

I would be happier still if there were more effort to develop in less densely populated areas of the country and if there were great emphasis on making highly efficient use of the limited space. However, there may be an awkward feedback loop where it is difficult to establish a new region that people actually desire to be in, rather than their contributing to further growth of the most vibrant and prosperous existing areas.


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