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I have Thermos® desk mugs and find them to be a most welcome boon. An exception to that praise: while green tea seems fine, I find that black tea tastes odd from them even though I would not have expected a reaction with the stainless steel. For variety I thus have to hand bags for making various infusions such as rooibos and peppermint.

There are some advantages to having insulated mugs to hand. One is that I can make two cups of tea for myself in one bout of effort. I make one cup in a normal ceramic mug, the other in an insulated mug, take the bags out and bring the mugs to my place of work or repose, then I have one ready to drink and another still quite warm later when I want another. Of course, the ceramic mug gets the black tea.

Another advantage is that I can have a cup of tea waiting for me after a meeting. I make it in the insulated mug a few minutes before I go to the conference room then it is ready to be picked up on the way back to my desk and drunk.

An insulated mug also helps to cause me to take more brief breaks from being seated at the computer. For some drinks where the bag can simply stay in the mug for a long time I get to take two walks from my desk: one to add the bag to the hot water when I anticipate wanting a drink, the other to retrieve my mug and dispose of the bag when the time of my want arrives.

Finally, my work comes with many distracting interruptions: if I forget about my tea halfway through drinking it then in the insulated mug it is less likely to be cold by the time I remember and finish it. This works best if on being called away from my desk I replace the mug's lid.


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